From Life Canada: Euthanasia = your pension plan, coming sooner nearer you

[Remember, you heard this first from Tax TV and Righteous Cokesnort News.]

Dear Friends,

Your help is urgently needed for a matter which will greatly affect patients and families facing end of life decisions living in an area served by the Fraser Health Authority (FHA). (This is also of tremendous significance for all other health authorities across Canada.) FHA provides hospice and palliative care, among other health services, to a wide region stretching from Burnaby/Tri-Cities to Surrey to Hope.


On October 11th, 2016, the Fraser Health Board will be considering a decision to mandate that all palliative care units and hospice facilities in FHA be required to provide MAiD (assisted suicide/euthanasia) within their units or facilities.  If approved, this decision will have a catastrophic impact on the trust that patients and families have towards palliative care – a field which seeks to improve quality of life for patients without the intention of hastening death.


If this issue concerns you please consider three actions (preferably all 3):

1)   Sign the petition linked below as a concerned citizen. We hope to submit this petition to the board within the next few days (until September 29th) so your action is needed urgently!


2)   Use the attached template letter to add your own personal story and send to the FHA Board of Directors and the Premier and the Health Minister with your grave concern.


3) Spread the word (forward this email) to like minded people


Attached is a more detailed letter from three palliative care physicians, explaining the context and circumstances of this issue.


The following is quick summary from a palliative care doctor:

The most recent development in the euthanasia saga here in BC concerns the regional health authority (Fraser Health) that covers the geographic area from the eastern border of Vancouver to the town of Hope, about 100 miles to the east.


There has been a very concerted move to try to force every hospice (that is not “faith-based”) and all palliative care units to provide or allow euthanasia on their premises or on the actual palliative care ward in the hospital.


This is tragic.


Our patients are already very fearful of having their deaths hastened and this will only make those worries not only deeper, but more credible. Peer-reviewed studies in jurisdictions where euthanasia is legal have shown that about 1 in 3 euthanasia deaths is carried out without explicit consent. (references available on request, but I won’t clutter this email).


  • Alain

    Then they can no longer be rightly called hospices. Having worked as a volunteer for the local hospice, I know that people and their families who opt for hospice care, do so to ensure they can die in peace and with pain management when their time comes. They have been allowed to do so until now, contrary to being in a hospital. The doctors, nurses and volunteers I have met working in the hospice would leave should this come to pass. I should also mention that the Fraser Health Authority has done more to destroy good health care and good local hospitals than you can imagine. All in the name of cost saving while this bunch of non medical kingpins suck the budget dry with their salaries and benefits.

    • Maggat

      Have a good look into BC’s ‘Health Authorities’ one may find the they are run very well…at paying the bloated administration very good salaries and benefits.

  • Linda1000

    Up to four people per week in Alberta opting for medically assisted suicide or end of life procedures.

  • Exile1981

    But just think of the savings. The cost to tax payers is 90-200k per year per person in paliative care. For that much Truseau could bring in 2 Syrian Jihadis… I mean refugees.

    It’s like a bad TV offer; for every granby killed we’ll give you two… count them 2; 14th century head choppers and as an added bonus they come with their own knives.