Female student attacked for wearing Trump hat on campus

A female member of the Gustavus College Republicans was assaulted by a male student for wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat shortly before Monday night’s debate.

The incident took place on campus, right before the first presidential debate began, according to a press release put out by the Minnesota College Republicans.

  • Alain

    The followers of the Left like those of Islam turn to violence when name calling does not make people holding different views submit. Incapable of convincing and winning over people to their cause and beliefs they fall back on unhinged violence. Too bad the young lady wasn’t packing an equaliser.

  • Billy Bob Thornton

    Trump was not even specific during the debate. Not to say that I am a Trump supporter but the West is going downhill because of conservatism, liberalism and social democracy. This phenomenon is known as the mainstream. If we had multi-party democracies, we would be more apt to change. I support civic nationalism and a form of economics where we have tariffs. Trump may claim to be anti-NAFTA and anti-TPP but he was all too supportive of those trade agreements when he was making it big and watching the falling stock markets in 2000 and 2008 and soon to be 2016-17. The fact is both parties supported NAFTA and all the trade agreements and tax cuts thereafter. This said, both parties have supported the downfall of America and Trump just has hopped on the anti-free trade bandwagon. Many of his supporters do not realize that it is finances and America’s chickens coming home to roost that have brought America to its knees.

    Now Trump is demanding payouts for protection by other nations when America’s bases are in other countries.

    America is bankrupt by all accounts and no matter who gets into power the US is finished!

    If there is anyone to blame it is the two party system and Trump and Clinton have been part of the charade for their entire lives.

    • pdxnag

      We are graded on a curve and we are still, even now, the greatest place on earth.

      • UCSPanther

        This kook is a commie who loves both the Ayatollahs and the rapidly failing state of Venezuela. Nothing he says ever makes sense, as he is all over the map with his talking points.

        • Billy Bob Thornton

          I am a member of the Canadian Action party and our leader Jeremy Arney has been saying that NAFTA has been destroying Canada for years. We are anti-globalists, anti-war, anti-imperialist. This has nothing to do with supporting Venezuela but supporting economic freedom and a reformed UN.

          The Ayatollahs may be the leaders but no one can invade Iran. Of course, the people have to decide what direction they want their nation to take, and only they can overthrow their own nation.

          These are not talking points because if they were I’d be only speaking in a sentence. You are such a liar, UCSPanther.

          The only way to have the jobs return is for government to assign the industries, support protectionism, and erect trade barriers, and propose value-added industries. I heard none of that from Trump. Just vague generalities and nothing more!

          • Billy Bob Thornton

            And by economic freedom we call ourselves economic nationalists!

            Economic nationalism means fair trade, higher corporate taxes, only small businesses with very few corporations, and a system of statism. It is basically traditionalist capitalism prior to Reagan. Understand economics, UCSPanther. Trump is a liar if he says he is a nationalist!!

          • Minicapt

            “Thou cullionly flap-mouthed baggage!”


          • UCSPanther

            You mad, bro?

          • Justin St.Denis

            USC, BillyBob rarely makes any rational sense. Just ignore…..

        • Clink9

          He comes Billy to bogart the thread again.

  • Billy Bob Thornton

    During the debate Trump said jobs have to be protected without laying specifics only to tell people what they wanted to hear.

    What a joke he is!

    Not to say Clinton is any better.

    Both stayed on message but capitalism is chugging along and there is no easy way to make it back.

    People allowed the wholesale selloff of the United States and that is what you get by voting in politicians.

    What did people expect?!

  • pdxnag

    He was just being a superhero, like Buddy from The Incredibles.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Seriously I would have let him take the first swing. Then pepper sprayed him and kicked his teeth out.

  • Gary

    Memories of the days when Blacks were attacked for going into Whites-Only Diners or Restaurant .
    But that was then and now we no longer have the toxic bigotry of low IQ savages that attack people for not being one of the Elite or Master Race.