Prepaid Debit Cards for a Million Refugees in Turkey


Each card will provide the carrier with 100 Turkish lira per month and enable refugees – mostly escapees from the civil war in Syria – to by food, heath services or other essential items.

  • Fraud on a massive scale…

  • dapto

    Thats going to cost 860 millions usd per year est on 2mil asylum seekers. Within 6 months there’ll be 30 million asylum seekers in turkey cause its more money per month than they presently get in the poverty stricken countries where they reside presently. The Merkel EU are stupid fools,

  • xavier

    Who’s paying? The Turks are broke and I can’t see the Saudis paying and the Qatris?

    • Editor

      Good question.

    • Exile1981

      Want to bet its part of the deal brokered with the EU.

  • Pursecuted refugee

    This is the first right thing they have done. I am happy with my debit cards.

    I was very upset with the clear Islamophobia when the kaffir social worker questioned me too much when I applied for another card under my fifth identity.

    It should help me to buy all the pressure cookers I need for all my meals.