Newly Released Transcript Proves Orlando Terrorist Was Avenging ISIS

‘My name is Islamic soldier. . . You have to tell America to stop bombing Syria and Iraq.’

  • Zero domestic terrorism events on Obama’s watch, h8ers.

    Because the winners write the history.

  • Gary

    It doesn’t matter what the actual Muslim terrorist says, Obama and Loretta Lynch still don’t see a motive while the FBI has orders to not link islam or muslims to any terrorism on US soil by muslims for allah.
    Justin is the same way and now we see how his female Muslim MP LIED to get into Canada and wasn’t an Afghan refugee by from iran where women are flogged and gays are hanged.

    Remember , Justin feels that an Iranni is an Iranni is an Iranni. So she will always be an iranni that represents child-bride pedophilia and homophobic just as Maher Arar is a Syrian is a Syrian is a Syrian and yet the NDP wanted Canada to bail him out in his homeland as a Draft-Dodger that fled to Canada and got nabbed in Jordan and returned home .

    MP Monsef is just one of many muslims that know the quran sanction them telling lies to the filthy unbelievers. How many other MP under Justin lied to get into Canada and are here to destroy if from within.

    • Exile1981

      Actual the MP who lied about her country of origin told a truth the other day when she said muslims don’t care about country on that they see themselves as muslims.