Following Trans Bathroom Policy, Target’s Sales Tank

Several months ago, Target stores made an odd gamble. They risked alienating their primary customer base—moms with young kids—to win the praise of the transgender lobby. They announced their ill-conceived new bathroom policy on April 19, then recently announced their sales numbers for the first quarter since that policy.

How did it pay off?

  • Gary

    It was just over 24 years ago that Subaru was very open to use a Lesbian in their ads and claim that ” It’s the way we’re built” as if it mean that homosexuals are born that way and our cars are built tough .

    But around 2002 I saw how FORD started to push the Rainbow flag angle which I did not like because I needed a car and wasn’t buying a FORD to make point or prove I’m not a homophobe. Why would FORD want to offend 95% of their consumer base just to avoid the homofascists among the 5% gay population when STR8 people will still buy FORD’s no matter how many gay protests to call FORD homophobic.

  • simus1

    Given their previous kamikaze like foray into Canada which foreshadowed the latest bathroom initiative, it reeks of internal feuds and factionalism overcoming normal business sense.

    • Clinton

      While almost all Target stores are located in the continental US, most
      of its tech operations have been outsourced to Bangalore, India– a city
      with over one million muslims. How much do you want to bet that at
      its India HQ, Target has been careful to keep its bathrooms carefully
      sex-segregated out of regard for muslim sensibilities? Target might be
      run by folks who have only contempt for the majority Judeo-Christian
      ethos of the US, but they still have enough sense to fear the vibrant diversity
      of Bangalore’s muslim population.

  • xavier

    Well Target will become bankrupt and some other company will take over

  • Miss Trixie

    Serves you right, Targé. I can just imagine the wet-behind-the-ears social justice, liberal arts a**hole (or weepy-eyed feminista), explaining the new strategy of hope and change, touchy-feely “WE HAVE TO INCLUDE THESE PEOPLE!” bullsh*t.

    The real world’s RIGHT here, cupcake:

  • JJ Joseph

    So, what does a “Trans Bathroom Policy” look like to the average customer? What does the sign on the door say? What’s going on inside the bathroom? Are there urinals for men and women. or what? I can’t visualize what they’re doing.

    • andycanuck

      I think they’re already single-occupant bathroom types with a toilet, a urinal, and a baby-changing table and not the multi-person stall type.

      They figured their stores’ bathrooms were already open to all so no retrofitting required (like having stall-doors go all the way to the floor) and they’d get positive spin from the MSM thinking for inclusivity so it would be a win-win but it backfired.

  • Jay Currie

    Target did this needlessly. I suspect most stores already have handicapped washrooms. Add “gender confused” and there’s your ticket.

    • V10_Rob

      That has struck me too about the entire bathroom crisis. If you’re a business or corporation that has no desire to die on this hill (for either side), a unisex, handicap accessible, single-occupant washroom solves the problem neatly.

      At least until they demand you summon all staff and employees to form a chorus line outside the bathroom to literally celebrate their trans bravery.

      • Clink9

        Even the Vatican has no name unisex bathrooms.

        • Etobicoke_Gladiator

          Not yet, that is, but Pope F. is working on it!

          • Clink9

            I was just there in May. Three bathroom stalls at the bottom of the stairs with both sexes using them.

            At least I could only see two sexes. There could have been more!

          • mobuyus

            There realistically could not have been more than two sexes.

    • Gary

      Just wait until Muslim women want their own washrooms and use one excuse that they fear people that touch pork may have been in the room. Next will be Black muslim females and so on until there is a line of washrooms where you keep walking until you see the Sign that matches what you are on that day.

  • Hard Little Machine

    It’s mostly a timing problem. 2 years ago if someone said it would be NECESSARY for all TV shows to have gay/trans characters, preferably played by gay/trans actors you’d say they were nuts. But…..that’s pretty much what’s happening in Quota-Land. If someone said that ‘comedy’ on TV would HAVE to be angry far left hideous water buffalo lesbians shrieking about what pieces of shit we are and calling for the physical extermination of people they dislike, you’d be carted off as a mental case. But guess what?

    Target’s error was leading the charge. Soon enough though everyone else will get in line. The liberal Nazi mafia will browbeat them until they do. My approach is to out troll the trolls. Charge in, take your pants off and take a shit with the stall door open. Hell, if you make TO the toilet, that’s probably better than 50% of the immigrants who shop there.

  • Dana Garcia

    The tranny bathroom BS was a clear message to women that Target doesn’t care about their safety in the company’s stores.

    So Target is getting what it deserves. Screw them.