Djemila Benhabib trial: Montreal Muslim school president was ‘devastated’ by feminist’s criticisms, slander trial hears

djemila-benhabibMONTREAL — Quebec’s long-running debate over secularism and the place of religious minorities moved into the courtroom Monday as a slander trial opened against an outspoken critic of Islamic fundamentalism.

A crowd of supporters, including two who arrived from France, filled the room to hear the case against Djemila Benhabib, who is being sued by a private Muslim school after she likened its teaching to the instruction received in terrorist training camps in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Benhabib, who was born in Ukraine but spent much of her childhood in Algeria, was invited on to a Montreal radio show in 2012 after writing a blog post about the Muslim School of Montreal.


A little about… Djemila Benhabib

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  • John

    She,s a pretty brave women. Many on the left in Québec don’t like her, but can’t do anything because she’s partly of Arab background, speaks fluent Arabic and grew up in the Muslim world.

  • ontario john

    Trudeau will probably have her deported. She has no place in sunny ways Canada.

  • Linda1000

    This court case is illustrates why more Cdns. don’t and cannot speak out against muslims and islam in general. Nobody wants to be charged with fake “islamophobia hate crimes” and cannot afford to hire lawyers and the cost of court cases. There is no freedom of speech in Canada. At least in the U.S., one can still fight back for now.

  • A Hamilton Guy

    She needs our prayers, and a judge who isn’t brain dead. Pretty tough to achieve lately.

  • D Cripps

    I think the reality is that the teaching of the school was probably not like that of a terrorist camp — I think most Muslim terrorists would have come across the same teaching in their kindergartens and junior schools. I think the reality was that the teaching of the school was pretty typical of teaching in Muslim schools. It is a shame the state does not prosecute it for support of an enemy foreign power (‘Allah’) who is at war with non-Muslim Canadians (among others) and plans despicable crimes against humanity, or similar.