Christian teacher told convert or die in Pakistan

A Christian teacher in Pakistan has been given a choice of converting to Islam or being killed after he spoke out about hate preaching.

43-year-old Musa Atique (above, left) works at Kot Radaha Kishan school in Kasur, in the east of the country.

He has worked there for seven years as a primary school teacher and gives classes on English, Urdu, Social Studies and Islam – a compulsory subject.

  • Dana Garcia

    If America had a reasonable refugee system, it would include Pakistani Christians as a category.

    Paks party on as they burn Christian homes in Lahore:

    • Linda1000

      Same for Canada.

  • A Hamilton Guy

    And we’ve a muslim doctor complaining about a climate of fear in his community due to one stupid fool attempting arson at his mosque.

  • Frances

    Back in the day, the WA of the Anglican Church of Canada would import “Pakistani embroideries”, which they sold and sent the proceeds back to Pakistan. The idea was that the women could earn some money. The embroideries were truly beautiful. Rather suspect it was Christian to Christian outreach. Do sometimes wonder what became of the women who did such beautiful work.