The Folly of Turning the Other Cheek

Desecrate a Bible and it will be acclaimed as ‘art’. Depict Islam’s founder, even with deference and respect, and expect not merely a riot but expressions of sympathic regret from our cultural quislings. With Christianity under siege on so many fronts, a spirited defence is the only response

  • Gary

    Look at how Wynne handled the Orlando slaughter by a devout Muslim. She shows up at a Vigil for the 49 dead homosexuals and then goes on a rant about islamophobia and mentions it 11 times.
    The islamists will slit her throat at the first chance they get under sharia in canada once Justin bring it in .

  • simus1

    When the your own elites support the importation of primitives whose culture is very much attuned to killing and wrecking as the answer to all differences, it doesn’t hurt to constantly search for their underlying motives.