Shooting at French Supermarket


  • Looks like the shooter is a senior citizen…

    The author of the shots, which would be a retiree living in Port-Marly for a year, then fled and was entrenched in him. A gun was found in his car. An operation of the raid is underway.

    • Let’s hope it was a halal supermarket, then.

      [Skirting the edge there?]

      • Exile1981

        It’s only fair. The religion of peace has attacked normal supermarkets, kosher and Jewish supermarkets… in the interest of fairness and inclusion they should go on a rampage at a halal store.

    • andycanuck

      Targeted shooting by the retiree of the 73-year-old and shooting the 46-year-old cashier first to stop her calling the cops?

  • Random folks?

    • Editor

      Articles in French papers describe the motives as “private in nature” as in civil litigation or something. Still curious to know if Grandpa name is Maurice or Mohamed