New FBI revelations cement belief that Clinton is an unrepentant, serial liar.

Obama’s Email Alias With Clinton Raises Disturbing Questions

President Obama has provoked even greater concern regarding Hillary Clinton’s far-reaching email scandal with revelations that he used an undisclosed pseudonym in email communications that were routed through her private email server. The email dates back to 2012 during Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state and information relating to it was disclosed by the FBI as the agency released its second batch of documents in connection with its investigation of Clinton’s alleged inappropriate handling of government emails and possible security breaches.

During the course of the Bureau’s interview with Huma Abedin, one of Clinton’s closest advisors, investigators showed her the email. A shocked Abedin then asked, “How is that not classified?” according to the FBI report. She then asked if she could keep a copy of the email but it is not known whether the FBI assented to her request.