Grand Mufti uses an INTERPRETER to tell Australians they are wrong to think Muslims don’t integrate

The Grand Mufti has been criticised for using an interpreter to say Australians were wrong to think Muslims do not integrate.


English as a can’t be bothered to learn it language.

The nation’s Islamic leader, Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohammed, spoke at a media conference last week following a controversial poll which revealed almost half of all Australians supported Pauline Hanson’s policy of banning Muslim immigration.

Dr Mohamed, who is Australia’s most prominent Muslim cleric and has lived in the country for 19 years, was filmed speaking in Arabic while an interpreter translated in English as he called for better communication between the Muslim community and the government.

  • ismiselemeas

    This cult oscillates between parody and genocide on a daily basis. There’s never a dull moment with this lot, I’ll give them that.

  • Ed

    So that’s what they look like without the funny hats

    • ntt1

      Notice he still has the cloven hoof print on his forehead
      Could be the result of a bad date though, not always satanic

  • simus1

    muslim monster calls for genocide.
    arabic interpreter calls for infidels to be “peaceful and loving like muslims”.

  • Martin B

    No doubt he expects every Aussie to learn Arabic so they can all say their shahada properly.

  • Well, that says integration.