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Europe Needs A Strong America To Stop Multicultural Political Correctness, Says Austrian Activist

As Americans feel less and less safe from lax government policies on terrorism, border control and non-support for local law enforcement, the price to say or think something opposed to liberal progressive orthodoxy is rising.

Many elites are intimidating dissent by slinging slurs like “extremists, bigots, Islamaphobes, racists or deplorables.”

  • pdxnag

    Stop Islamic Monoculturalism.

  • Alain

    So Europe is incapable of protecting and defending itself it seems. I also support a strong United States, but I think it is well past time for Europeans to man up and defend themselves without depending on other countries. Neither the United States nor Canada should sacrifice the blood and lives of their own to pull Europe out of another deadly situation that they themselves created.

  • Jay Currie

    There are deplorables in Austria – who knew?