Australian printing company rejects book opposing same-sex ‘marriage’

Big Gay NaziAn Australian printing company has refused to print a book arguing against same-sex “marriage.”

Stealing from a Child: The Injustice of ‘Marriage Equality’ was written by Dr. David Van Gend, who is the head of the Australian Marriage Forum. “Marriage Equality” is the name the LGBT lobby is using to promote the legalization of same-sex “marriage” in the run-up to a national plebiscite on the issue set for February.

  • Gary

    Ask your self why Barbara Hall never once attack the Courts for not treating men equal in a Divorce case where the Father would get custody in 50% of the cases. Instead she stayed quiet when a Judge rule that a Male parent is not a good setting to raise a child but her buddy George Smithemen was allowed to adopt 2 children in a gay marriage because THAT was a good and loving home for a stable outcome .
    So the Real father is a bad parent but in Hall’s world if 2 male strangers for 2 orphans happen to be gay males they can Adopt them as good parents. Father’s might be better to fake turning gay after a divorce to get custody and have a buddy move in with them to fake being a gay couple because Barbara Hall would support that .

  • David van Gend

    Good to see my book mentioned by my favourite Canadian blogger. Our mutual friend Mark Steyn gets honourable mention in the last chapter, ‘Bigots, Bakers and the Thought Police’. Fear not – the book is being printed by a less-ideologically-censorious firm and is on its way to best-seller status. Yours today from Amazon; we in Australia intend to defeat this dismal trend towards genderless ‘marriage’ / genderless society and give heart to our Canadian friends – and others in the once-free English-speaking world – that ‘big gay’, as you put it, is not unstoppable.