‘Zombie-like’ Washington mall shooting suspect, 20, is arrested 30 miles from crime scene as cancer survivor, 16, and Macy’s make-up artist are revealed to be among the five shot dead



The suspect in the Washington state mall shooting was apprehended by police 30 miles from the scene of the crime in a ‘zombie-like state’ on Saturday evening.

Turkish immigrant Arcan Cetin, 20, originally from Adana, Turkey, was arrested near to his Oak Harbor home almost 24 hours after he allegedly opened fire in the make-up department of Macy’s in Burlington’s Cascade Mall, killing four women and one man.

At a press conference on Saturday evening after Cetin’s arrest, police refused to ‘rule out or rule in’ terrorism.

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Cetin had 2 pro-Islamic Tumblr accounts – he calls Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi “My main dude” and Ali Khamenei “My other dood”.

Arcan Cetin Tumblr : http://meowfraulein.tumblr.com/

Arcan Cetin Tumblr: http://arcanmotherrussiavodkaandak47.tumblr.com/