Useful Idiot Du Jour

There’s a new one everyday…

  • John

    *Tremendous contributions*

    Holy fuck! If the entirely worthless Muslim ‘civilization’ disappeared off the map tomorrow morning at 8:00AM sharp, it’d be months ( if not years!) before anyone even noticed…such is it’s relevance to modern science, technology and overall human progress

    Muslims make ‘tremendous contributions’ to human progress in the same way Mother Teresa made tremendous contributions to female beauty.

  • Clink9

    Stop with the muslim anal tongue bath already.

  • BillyHW

    Women shouldn’t be allowed to vote. How much proof do you silly suffragist twats need?

  • john700

    Forced Islamization you say??? NO. The white idiots will convert in droves.
    By the way, Patrick Brown will top that by converting, if he did not do so already.

  • Waffle

    Oh damn, I threw up!! Good thiing I haven’t eaten lunch yet — it’s still cooking. Now I have to brush my teeth to get that bad taste out of my mouth.

  • A Hamilton Guy

    If they disappeared and the lands they occupied had a heavey rainfall. The growth of vegitation would be suprsing.