The Walls Are Closing In On Hillary Clinton


While I am aware that the general election is a very different beast than the primaries, I can’t help but feel that conditions are very similar to what was happening at the end of the Republican primaries when voters suddenly broke decisively for Trump. Recall that Cruz had been looking very strong after Wisconsin, and both Cruz and his supporters seemed to think a strong showing in New York might be possible.

And then after he made the mistake of publicly celebrating his “voterless victory” in Colorado, everything suddenly changed. His poll numbers crashed and he began losing critical primaries to Trump, with more and more polls and events going Trump’s way culminating in Trump’s win in Indiana. The reason I bring Cruz up is that I feel events are developing in a very similar way to the manner in which the Republican primary ended.

After weeks of calling Trump supporters conspiracy theorists for asking questions about her health, she collapsed on September 11th, alarming both her supporters and the American public. While the data in this article is a bit old, by the time her collapse happened, her favorable ratings had already fallen through the floor.