Posters Demonizing Jews Crop Up on UC Berkeley Campus, as Controversial Anti-Zionism Course Reinstated

Antisemitic posters have been appearing on the campus of the University of California, Berkeley since a course openly hostile to Israel was first suspended and then permitted to be held this semester as planned, The Algemeiner has learned.

  • vwVwwVwv

    till obama or other neo-democraps runn the USA this will continue and grow.

  • DMB

    Anti-Semite non Muslims are probably the ultimate form of Dhimmihood short of converting to Islam there is. Some claim they are against Islam but in reality they do more to service the Islamic agenda which makes them traitors to western civilization. Europe has lost 6 million Jews mostly productive and contributing citizens fleeing mostly to Israel while gaining 40 million non productive Muslims who only seek out to destroy the nations they move to.

  • Gary

    It gets worse where ever the Muslim population goes up . Calgary had a pro-hamas rally where over 1000 muslims came out while Toronto gets at least 3000 of them .
    When there was an anti-ISIS rally in Toronto we saw how less than 30 muslims came out. The rally in Edmonton (hot bed for jihadists) was under 100 muslims.

    THEY LIE, their Holy books tells them to LIE while they will DENY they LIE .

    The peaceful ones LIE because they fear being killed and thus forced to keep up the charade that islam means peace.

    • UCSPanther

      We have Ayatollah loyalists celebrating “Al-Quds” day in Canada, which is basically a “two-minutes hate” that they have where they endlessly screen antisemitic propaganda.

      They can be readily compared to German-American BUND rallies, which were being held by Nazi loyalists in the US prior to WWII.