Obama the Great Divider

The president once noted that slavery’s legacy was a part of America’s DNA. The genius of his grievance is that it’s inextinguishable, as in no possibility of reconciliation and definitive settlement. ‘White privilege’ is forever—or, at any rate, as long as a social-justice warrior finds it useful

  • Alain

    Honesty is as alien to him as it is to Clinton and all the Left. If slavery is party of anyone’s DNA it would be part of Muslims’ DNA.

    • He should know.

    • full disclosure

      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FSH88aE_ggQ Something like this might be going on.Earth is like a human coop, a vast resource of genetic material, and if one would like to start up a project perspective buyers can come here and the planet has many dispositions to choose from.

  • Gary

    Maybe Obama could tell us who did the crappy jobs in the White society before blacks were brought over.
    It was islam and muslims that ran the slave trade and we all heard Obama admit when he said that many of the slaves were muslims.
    Yes Obama , they were forced to convert or DIE. Many were taken over as chattel just for being Black . i read a item from a middle east islamic website that made it clear that muhammad wasn’t against slavery ……..he was against white people owning Blacks because his new faith gave more rights to slaves and only muslims should own them .

    This is just fact #687 about islam that Justin Trudeau is ignorant of.

    • mauser 98

      PM Jackass is beyond ignorant…he is unteachable.. intolerant of any other view but his
      his stupidity stars at the DNA level, hopeless , pointless

  • tom_billesley

    Obama’s black ancestors are from Kenya. Slavery was not instituted when it was a British colony; in fact the muslim slave trade in the area was suppressed. It’s likely that any slavery in his family background would be black muslim slave owners.