Mother-of-three, 26, ‘abducted and raped by a gang of six migrants from Iraq, Syria and Bahrain

A mother-of-three has allegedly been drugged and raped by a gang of migrants – sparking violent demonstrations.

The 26-year-old said she woke up in a strange house with cuts and bruises, and believes her drink had been spiked on a night out before she was abducted and sexually assaulted.

Police arrested and bailed six men – aged between 20-30 – from Iraq, Syria and Bahrain over the September 4 attack in Sunderland.

  • Martin B

    Bahrain?? Why on earth would any “migrant” from a wealthy Gulf sheikhdom be in the UK unless he was after infidels to rape?

    • Norman_In_New_York

      Bahrain’s population is largely Shiite but is ruled by a Sunni sheikh.

  • xavier

    Who cares the scum raped a married mom of 3 after drugging here
    I hope the prosecution increases the sentence to decades in prision.

    • Jim Horne

      You are too kind.

      All of them should be scheduled for surgery. They should be surgically altered to appear to be women.

      Then dump them back into any of the Arab shitholes in the world with just the clothes on their back. Let’ see how they like that.

  • Gary

    Once again there is silence from the feminists like Naomi Klein and Susan G Cole.
    Islam can flog and rape as many females as it wants because these 2 idiots are pro- rape when it comes to muslims males.
    Hell…. Susan g Cole won’t even condemn the jew-hating Homophobic mosque in the valley Park public school along with her condoning of the pro-hamas groups in the PRIDE parade.

    • xavier

      Deep down they like the swaggering hyperagressive thug. They think they can tame the monster like some Harlequin romance but ends up being a repulsive horror story