Wellco Army Boots Made in China

‘Made in China’ US military boots a boon for Donald Trump

Our brave soldiers are wearing boots that – instead of being 100 percent American-made – seem to be imported from China and at the tax-payers’ expense. This news could not have come at a worst time, Lionel, political and media analyst, told RT.

Wellco Enterprises has sold thousands of boots worth millions of dollars to the US military for decades.

It turns out, however, the famous ‘Made in USA’ military footwear might actually be coming from China. Wellco stands accused of allegedly removing ‘Made in China’ labels from its products.

  • Brett_McS

    The label was removed in the USA.

  • Truthhurts

    Another million votes for the Donald.

  • Brett_McS

    It has been a criticism of the Trump campaign that he has no ‘boots on the ground’. Well, that seems to have been fixed.

  • Observer

    Pay no attention to the GPS tracking systems in all the left boots. 🙂

  • xavier

    Wellco no longer exists. It violated a law called Berry’s amendment and was literally fined into oblivion

    There was a post over at soldiersystems.net that reports the story

  • simus1

    My favourite pair of Red Wing roundup boots are older than most of my girl friends.
    Not made anymore thanks to the laws foisted on us by the environuts re tanning chemicals and such.
    Had the original heels replaced about a year ago and the new Cat’s Paws have worn down more than the originals wore down in ten years. Plus the softer heels don’t warn you about new cavities in your teeth the way the old “shock wave” hard heels did.