Woman recounts campaign of terror by Pizza Hut coworker found guilty of harassing her

Belal Sabir…

And… Just Another Typical “Human Rights” Complainant

  • Yessir baconFat

    Seems the guy in prison has more rights than us on the outside. He tells the government what he wants and gets it. We asked not have our wallets pillaged and futures thrown away for generations and nobody listens. And if someone does speak up Wynne calls them a bigot, homophobe, low intelligence etc.

    • disqusW6sf

      Astute. I agree.

  • Editor

    I’ve proposed this idea a number of times, even to this august coments section, I believe, Canada should seriously consider creating “The Abridged Charter of Rights and Freedoms” for inmates. It would read as such:
    1- You get a roof, a blanket and 3 squares a day.
    2- We won’t beat the shit out of you.
    3- We will let you out when your full sentence is served.

    They have chosen to break the social contract by committing a crime, why should the rest of Canadian society be oblidged to uphold its end of the bargain?

  • Raymond Cameron

    This guy is Jewish and muslim? If he becomes a good muslim he will have to kill himself for being Jewish…