The great Brexit hate crime myth: How claims of an epidemic of race crimes since the referendum are simply false

A fully-loaded gravy train clattered into the Grange City Hotel in central London on Thursday morning, when around 50 smartly dressed men and women shuffled across deep-pile carpets into its air-conditioned conference centre.

The group — or rather their employers — had each paid between £359 and £575 to attend the day-long event.

Some of these people were civil servants, others charity workers and academics. A handful worked in the private sector, though rather more appear to be employed by the taxpayer, via local councils, British police forces, and the Crown Prosecution Service.

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    i live in the UK and it is a load of lib-tard leftie-tard remain voting lieing scum-bags ! it did not happen it never happened ! [ the east europeons in my local supermarket think I`m a very nice guy as with all other brit customers they love the real green and gentle land of England [ ed uk ] now the muslims that`s a different matter they hate every none muslim

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      It certainly is…