Swedish Police Admit Losing Control Of 55 No-Go Zones


According to a new report, crime rates are rising sharply in the no-go areas with police unable to react to crimes. Cases of thefts, sexual assaults, and gang violence are rising and Sweden’s top police authority notes the significant increase of migration in the past year and the number of crimes committed have seen a parallel rise, reports Kronen Zeitung.

Time to grant them an autonomous region.

  • If you have no-go zones, you’ve already lost the country.

    • Editor

      Yes. Still seems a little wussy and irresponsible for the Police to just throw up their arms and say “That’s it, we lost it”. I don’t know, try a bait-kafir sting. Hide cops in the bushes and send a young blonde woman in a mini-skirt walking around after dark. If anybody bothers her, bust their ass. Works for car theft in the States.

      • lzzrd

        Let me see if I understand this. The Swedish Police are issued firearms and there are now No-Go zones. There is something very wrong withe Swedish/European mind set.
        I am now convinced, that when the US paid for and was Europe’s defense and faced down the Russians during the Cold War, it laid the seeds for this.
        Think about it. The Euros have now evolved into an “Eloi” mind set and are now unable to see a threat and react to it in the proper manner. Sometimes violence or extreme violence IS the only answer.
        Islam=The Religion of Lies, Violence, Slavery and Death…..

        • Editor

          I think they see the threat but the same delusion of cultural openness and intellectual superiority, compared to the somewhat unsophisticated Americans, that led Europeans, especially the French, to start accepting muslim immigrants since the 1950, is now preventing them from taking effective action. Violence is beneath them and their enlightened attitudes will surely win over the barbarians. . . Any minute now. . .

      • canminuteman

        If the police can’t handle it, the should call in the army as back up.

        • Editor

          I agree but that hardly sounds like something Europe’s first self-declared feminist government would do. A massive distribution of “Don’t rape me” rubber bracelets maybe, but the Army?

      • They do that with everything.

        What is their purpose if not to stop crimes?

  • Backa Bock

    It’s like an open air third world prison.. And France has their “Escape from Calais”

    • Alain

      I agree but suggest it is the citizens of these countries who now find themselves in a prison. Furthermore that prison gets smaller and smaller as the invaders continue expanding their territory.

      • Backa Bock

        Perhaps Sweden, in it’s entirety is the open air prison at this point.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Wall off the no-go zones and let them rot inside.

  • vwVwwVwv

    Norway still Apeasing by BDS

  • Jim Horne

    Is it time to call in the military, blockade the no-go-zones, cut off their power, cut off their water, cut off all supplies and give them a chance to surrender and be deported before unleashing all hell on them militarily?

    • canminuteman

      The government was prepared to have the army unleash hell on the Oka Mohawks back in the 90’s ( I was involved) so maybe there is still hope for Canada. Although I suspect we have changed enough since then that we wouldn’t be prepared to do it now.

      • Jim Horne

        One has to hope that you are right. Maybe there is still hope for Canada. But, I’m not holding my breath.

        • Editor

          It’ll be a death of a thousand polite, tolerant, accomodating cuts. We probably have a bit of time if not hope.

      • Linda1000

        After eight years of Trudope’s Libtards, you won’t recognize Canada anymore.