Charlotte demonstrators break curfew to demand release of video of fatal shooting of Keith Scott


Strong in spirit, if somewhat diminished in number, several hundred demonstrators again defied a curfew in Charlotte to demonstrate over the police shooting of a black man and demand the release of video footage.

  • mobuyus

    Judging from the photo I’d say terrorists seem to be getting uglier by minute.

  • ntt1

    this is pure Alinsky tactics run by hard left marxist outsiders. I’m sure hildebeest would recognize the tactic, she had a “thing” for saul Alinsky, studied at his feet adoringly, before she turned to rug munching.

  • bargogx1

    Of course they defied the curfew. The minute I head about the curfew I knew it would be ignored.

    • It’s like Obama’s red lines: set ’em, break ’em, ignore the culprits.

      Pointless except for the PR.

  • Editor

    Rule of Law is litterally crumbling all over the West.

  • Reader
  • Blacksmith

    Not a problem they dont have jobs to go to.