Victor Davis Hanson: Some hard rain is going to fall

On the deteriorating international situation, at Townhall:

Wars often seem to come out of nowhere, as unlikely events ignite long-simmering disputes into global conflagrations.

The instigators often are weaker attackers who foolishly assume that more powerful nations wish peace at any cost, and so will not react to opportunistic aggression.

Unfortunately, our late-summer calm of 2016 has masked a lot of festering tensions that are now coming to a head — largely due to disengagement by a supposedly tired United States.

In contrast, war, unlike individual states, does not sleep.More.

Reality check: A great military strategist once pointed out that it is the defender who starts a war, not the aggressor. The defender starts the war by fighting back.

See also: Hill Clinton, Commander in Chief, collapses at 9-11 memorial A friend sends this vid, suggests watching it full screen (before it is removed). Cannot now find it on YouTube. But bear in mind that this will make no difference to Americans who eat off EBT cards. When disaster strikes, many products of the education system will rage, riot, and will blame “the rich” and the “Republicans.” They will not think, to save their lives.