Trudeau’s millionaire moving expenses queens are “sorry”

From Alex Boutilier at Toronto Star:

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s top two political staffers say they’ll repay nearly $65,000 in moving expenses they concluded were “unreasonable.”

The Liberals have been on the defensive for days after it was revealed that two staffers in the Prime Minister’s Office charged $200,000 in moving expenses when they took jobs in Ottawa.

In a statement Thursday evening, Gerald Butts and Katie Telford confirmed the expenses were theirs. Butts and Telford said while they followed rules in place for decades, they were repaying $44,172.81 in “personal cash payouts and incidentals.” More.

Reality check: It’s sad watching a great country go downhill, as these cool parasites are not expected to just resign.

One problem is that, as a public becomes more and more dependent, it starts to live vicariously through politicians, who become celebs. Think Evita!

Crowds line the streets for 80-car cavalcades of flunkies. The one wish that dominates the crowd is that someday one could oneself be a flunky or be close to such a person. To spend lavishly and not give a rat’s toss. Sadly, in many failed states, that is the best future many can hope for. That, and lotteries.

It’s not too late to stop it here. We have opportunities, at least in principle.

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