Trudeau’s millionaire moving expenses queens are “sorry”

From Alex Boutilier at Toronto Star:

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s top two political staffers say they’ll repay nearly $65,000 in moving expenses they concluded were “unreasonable.”

The Liberals have been on the defensive for days after it was revealed that two staffers in the Prime Minister’s Office charged $200,000 in moving expenses when they took jobs in Ottawa.

In a statement Thursday evening, Gerald Butts and Katie Telford confirmed the expenses were theirs. Butts and Telford said while they followed rules in place for decades, they were repaying $44,172.81 in “personal cash payouts and incidentals.” More.

Reality check: It’s sad watching a great country go downhill, as these cool parasites are not expected to just resign.

One problem is that, as a public becomes more and more dependent, it starts to live vicariously through politicians, who become celebs. Think Evita!

Crowds line the streets for 80-car cavalcades of flunkies. The one wish that dominates the crowd is that someday one could oneself be a flunky or be close to such a person. To spend lavishly and not give a rat’s toss. Sadly, in many failed states, that is the best future many can hope for. That, and lotteries.

It’s not too late to stop it here. We have opportunities, at least in principle.

See also: Hillary, lies, and the future of the West Lies that do not threaten entitlements from government do not matter to Hill’s voters.

  • robins111

    Something smells about this. My spider senses are tingling. First, the sorry part, when have these grifters ever been sorry about screwing the taxpayer. Second look around for another more damaging story that is being ignored while this is going down. This has been suspicious in its release and the libs are famous for misdirection with the medias help.

  • ontario john

    But the important news that matters to Canadians, is that our wonderful leader is rushing to B.C. to spend time with the Royals. Yes, after photo ops with the commie Chinese dictator he is on his way. None of that boring parliament stuff for him. I’m sure the media will be masterbating all around him.

    • Will Quest

      A circle-jerk led by our ‘ Tall Poppy ‘ sweet Sophie……..

  • vimy

    Sorry that us serfs don’t understand why they are entitled to their entitlements and spoke out of turn about it. We should know our place.

  • Canadian Born

    Who was the first one to go after Harper when it went down with the Conservatives?

  • tom_billesley

    “personal cash payouts and incidentals.”
    No invoices or receipts required for that item of course.