Swedish woman attacked and forced to quit job after Muslim migrant is hired


What happens when an employer hires a newly arrived immigrant who in turn sex attacks a woman in the workplace? The woman is forced to quit and the [Muslim] offender may remain in his job. This was the case in what happened to Sara, who worked at a Scandic hotel in northern Sweden.

  • It was all her fault.

    She was asking for it.

    Being Swedish and that.

    (sarcasm function disabled)

    • AmicusC

      It is her fault .It’s every Swedes fault .If u let the enemy in u can’t whine when they do what they do.

      It’s like letting a pig into ur house and getting mad when it suits on the floor . What did u expect.

      Either take back ur country or I will smile as ur weakness is removed .

  • V10_Rob

    Cover your ears, folks. The feminists are going to start screaming bloody murder any second now.

    Annnnnnny second now…

    • eMan14

      I know, I can feel a movement in the force. Or I ate something a bit off.

    • The Butterfly

      Feminists get upset at things like binders full of women.

    • Editor

      Yep. The listen and believe crowd should be here soon . . . Wait, what? The perp is muslim, never mind.