Students, refuse to think racially

“Students are now encouraged to see everything through the prism of race – leading, most recently, to a panic about so-called cultural appropriation. At the University of East Anglia and the University of Birmingham, students have been banned from wearing sombreros because apparently the hats are disrespectful to Mexicans; party-goers at Birmingham have also been chastised for wearing Native American costumes. At Cambridge, a Lion King-themed dinner was shut down after the students’ union’s African Society complained the menu was culturally insensitive. Universities used to be places where young people could expose themselves to foreign ideas and cultures; now it’s considered virtually a crime to deviate from one’s own heritage.”

  • Hard Little Machine

    Go to every class in a Nazi uniform and waving an ISIS flag. I would, just to be able to smile and laugh and watch them do nothing about it.

  • People who think racially already are racist.

  • canminuteman

    It’s easy to not deviate from your own heritage. Stay in your own country.