Non-think-alike Toronto journalist Sue-Ann Levy banned from publicity for new book?

Underdog From Rebel TV’s Ezra Levant, an interview with Toronto Sun’s Sue-Ann Levy on her new book: Underdog: Confessions of a Right-Wing Gay Jewish Muckraker. As the Sun’s Joe Warmington puts it,

She’s not only sharp in her criticisms in the Sun and with John Oakley on AM 640, but backs it up with information her targets do not want anybody to know about.

It’s rare in Canada to have somebody keeping people honest. She is a special character in this city.

On Aug. 23, her book, Underdog: Confessions of a Right-Wing Gay Jewish Muckraker, will finally be on bookshelves.

Reality check: Be honest now, in your heart of hearts, wouldn’t you really rather read Cry from the Heart for Social Justice (= my lifetime as a poverty pimp) by Eldowdah Dreed, O.C.?

I want Underdog for Thanksgiving. (I already have a turkey, thanks, and if I didn’t I want Eldowdah’s opus.)

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Brit Guardian to cut 30 percent US staff . How be the Toronto Star cuts 30% of its staff and hires Levy away from the Sun? Who’d lose except the Sun?

  • She’s always fun.

  • Hard Little Machine

    If al Guardian cuts their staff the NYT will pick them up. That paper is no longer run as a business it’s run as a left wing vanity project to be propped up by billionaires at any cost.

  • K1

    CBC has a lot of Organized Crime Baddies working for it
    …that’s why CP24 won’t allow Sue air play

    • Waffle

      ????? Am not tracking. CP24 is owned by BCE (Bell).

  • ontario john

    With all the physical assaults and sexual triangles going on at the Star, the news room must be getting kind of empty anyway.

    • Reader

      A long time Toronto Star journalist I know, yes they use to have some, took early retirement last year.

      With them replacing middle-of-the-road and non-partisan journalists with young lower-paid socialist hacks, he saw the writing on the wall.