Islam and the ideology of victimization

Attacks south of the border have once again raised concerns about the nature of terror and what can be done about it.

Law enforcement is doing its bit to monitor and thwart the threat, though some rightly claim that more could have been done to prevent the latest attack in Manhattan that sent 29 people to hospital.

On the ideological side, ISIS and its ilk continue to gain traction in some circles, and the terrorist outfit was quick to claim responsibility for the stabbing spree by a Somali American in Minnesota.

  • Take a peaceful society. Add in Islamic theology.

    What do you get?

    A dysfunctional society.

    Islamic theology is pathology.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Apply Koranic justice to Muslims. Snatch up 5% of them and cut their heads off in the street no matter who they are.

  • moraywatson

    Islam is “learned helplessness”, that is what totalitarianism is.

  • Because these sad, stunted people can’t persuade people the way normal people can.

    And their ideology is bonkers.