German teen plotted bomb-in-bin attack


A teenage terror suspect detained in the German city of Cologne was recruited by the Islamic State militia via online chat groups and encouraged to plant a nail-filled bomb, local media is reporting.

  • Maurice Miner

    Come on, ‘mouse! You know full well that not all Muslims are terrorists, don’t you?

    Seriously, this sort of racist stereotyping just leads to an inevitable backlash against those Mohammedans who are not terrorists.

    We need to embrace ALL refugees, and indeed those who are criminals or become criminalised (or those poor lost souls who as a direct result of their escape trauma become mentally unstable) should be directly and immediately addressed and treated as part and parcel of our international obligation to welcome refugees to a safe haven, without fear or favour.

    Everyone should be welcomed in the same fashion. This is equality! This is egalitarianism! This is humanity!

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      • Shebel


    • Shebel

      Ok That was funny.
      This is stupid but I have been sitting laughing at that idiotic post . I should be in bed for Christs sake.

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  • Shebel

    Anybody that puts their hands-up
    Shoot em.