Fan-made Trump Ad

YouTube keeps taking it down and people keep reposting it. Heh.

Donald Trump will NOT become President of the United States

  • Clausewitz

    Trump needs to play that last video at his inaugurations, and then laugh his ass off.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    At the end of Ann Coulter’s last book, she has something like 10-minutes of political analysis (that she reads and quotes) all swearing that Trump could never be President.
    It would seem that “all the news that fit to print” is indeed made-up!

  • I want to make a repeating gif of Pelosi doing that weird hand thing and then Trump doing the “You’re fired!” cobra move.

  • The Butterfly

    I’m surprised YouTube hasn’t found an excuse to take down the video.

    • They do, claiming ‘copyright infringement’ but it gets reposted.

      • The Butterfly

        Yep, I thought so.

      • lolwut?

        EA licensed the song for it’s upcoming “Battlefield 1” game.
        so it’s probably getting hit from two fronts, the owner of the song and EA.

  • jack burns

    They are flipping out in a major way. Today the FBI releases heavily redacted leaked emails but it still comes through that Barry “Solid Waste” Soetoro lied about not knowing about Grandma’s private server as he had stated in March. He emailed her using a pseudonym. Look for a hack releasing pictures of him in a prom dress in a few days.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Today, I received in the mail a solicitation from a pro-Trump political action committee calling itself American Uprising. Here is part of their letter.

    Dear Norman,
    The polls are very close – but a shift of just a few percent in key battleground states could swiftly swing the election in favor of Donald Trump.

    American Uprising is working to reach disaffected voters who may have sat out the last few elections because they are sick and tired of being lied to by career politicians in Washington D.C. We must elect Mr. Trump because he will shake up the status quo and fight for the common man.

    Time is running out. The polls are tight. This election will come down to turnout in key states. American Uprising can make a difference if we act quickly to ensure that disaffected Democrats and independents realize they don’t have to become Republicans to vote for Donald Trump – They can join with thousands of like-minded voters to save America!.

    Are they for real? Don’t know, but they give their website as .