Do You Have to Try Every Stupid Thing You Think Of?


Do You Have to Try Every Stupid Thing You Think Of?

by Ava Lon

To Perfect Child:

You think that even though Islam is an evil ideology, it should be legal, because outlawing it would be against the First Amendment.

There are good ideas and bad ideas. A car with square wheels is a bad idea, and anyone who would like to drive it will find that out at their first attempt. It takes less than five minutes to figure it out, for those who believed that theoretically it should work and that it was worth to build it to convince themselves.

What if, on the restaurant menu, in the drinks section, they put, in addition to iced tea, sodas and fruit juices, a bolder option: Poison? Now we could discuss it and see if we all agree whether it’s a good or a bad idea to drink poison, or we could just try it, because we are free to try everything ourselves. Could you still be upset with the restaurant for selling poison if they warned you, and you drank it anyway?

Islam is poison. It is warning you what it is, and yet you accept the invitation?