China set to dominate internet

From Joshua Philipp at Epoch Times:

The handover of ICANN, the body that governs domain name registration, fits into a strategy by the Chinese regime to determine how the internet is run

In November 2014, Li Yuxiao, a research fellow at the Chinese Academy of Cyberspace, stated, according to the state-run China Daily: “Now is the time for China to realize its responsibilities. If the United States is willing to give up its running of the internet sphere, the question comes as to who will take the baton and how it would be run.

“We have to first set our goal in cyberspace, and then think about the strategy to take, before moving on to refining our laws,” he said.More.

Reality check: Progressive rulers in the United States and Europe will find it quite easy to “pass the baton” (so to speak) to China when dealing with dometic dissidents.

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