Canadians getting it in the Butts by the Liberals … again

Senior PMO staffers Gerald Butts and Katie Telford to return $65K in ‘unreasonable’ moving expenses

h/t RM

  • Waffle

    Sheeples, do not allow yourself to be distracted by this. Moving expenses for key personnel are legitimate expenses for any party.

    Yes, this looks very bad, because these piggies have been at the trough since they got elected. I am not condoning this any way, shape or form. It is absolutely disgusting.

    However, our democracy and our economy is at stake. These snakes will have you watching what one hand is doing while the other hand is doing something else. I am not sure that patient waiting for another election is going to get us out of this.

    • V10_Rob

      Canadians made their bed, they can damn well lay in it until the next election.

  • BillyHW

    Mike Duffy is owed an apology.

  • Ron MacDonald

    The Liberals should have invoiced Soros, he’s calling the shots.

  • simus1

    The “General Leslie disease” is usually endemic among Lieberals in particular and
    lefties in government in general.

  • Editor

    Hey, hey, liberals are entitled to their entitlements. Some are just better at obfuscating than others.

  • iamnowon

    I had made bets with a friend that entitlement and corruption would be, yet again, the hallmark of this LPC government. I had no idea how short a time it took for this to be true. 10 months in, and the record is stark.

  • ntt1

    its not just the tax payers bucks , Butts is doing all the thinking for small potatoes as well, this is a defacto fraud by an unelected prime minister.