Bill Maher Wins ‘Celebrity Dumbass Award’ at the 2016 MRC DisHonors Gala


In a year marked by many profoundly stupid comments by liberal celebrities, HBO’s Bill Maher emerged as the winner of the “Celebrity Dumbass Award” for the Media Research Center’s 2016 DisHonors Awards, Thursday night. Most definitely earning the award’s title, the Real Time host sneered that the Constitution “sucks” and that it “needs a page one re-write.”

  • Alain

    Another who hates his country, yet like all his fellow travellers you could not get him to leave. With all the other countries and political systems available around the globe they remain like blood-sucking leaches sucking the life blood out of the country that allows them not only to exist but to get rich while spewing this treason.

    • Dave

      You said it much better than I was going to.

  • vwVwwVwv

    is the picture real?

  • simus1

    Too much “coffee” ?

  • Blacksmith

    It really does amaze me how stupid leftist are, they claim to be so smart but then open their mouths and prove the opposite. Where does this idiot think the freedom to act like the moron he is comes from?