American Colleges Should End Racist Admissions Policies

To compensate for their racist pasts, Georgetown University and other highly regarded colleges are engaging in an entirely new form of bigotry.

Georgetown University recently announced it would grant special admissions privileges to descendants of 272 African-American slaves the school helped to sell in 1838. According to Georgetown President John DeGioia, descendants of the slaves will benefit from the same admissions advantages given to alumni and their family members, as well as others in the “Georgetown community.”

Georgetown isn’t the first university to attempt to atone for its slavery-related sins, but it is the first to offer an admissions advantage as a way to make up for past injustices.

  • Martin B

    How does lowering your admission standards into the dirt make up for past injustices?

    • Alain

      Sorry but I take issue with “past injustices”, unless it includes those who captured people and sold them to the slave traders, all of which happened long before any arrived in North America.

  • Brett_McS

    So rather than get a decent education at a mid-level college, these black students will be thrown in at the deep end … and we know they tend to sink rather than swim. Perhaps they will introduce remedial classes to teach cursive writing.

    • Hard Little Machine

      “So we’re already behind the other kids and we’re going to catch up by going half as fast?”

      – Bart Simpson

  • GrimmCreeper

    And they begot 15,000 Bachelor of Social Justice degrees and Dr. of Hip Hop Studies, Marc Lamont Hill as a new distinguished professor.

  • canminuteman

    With all the crap that is coming out of universities these days you are not doing yourself any favours by going. Given that most universities are nothing more than marxist indoctrination centers you can not get a good “liberal arts” education anywhere anyway. Most people want to get educated so that they can learn a skill that people are prepared to pay them for. With the way the internet is going I predict that within twenty years only a handful of people will go to university, most universities will have closed down, and we will all be a lot better off for it.