Trump Derangement Syndrome is crippling the left

People are losing it over Donald Trump. The people I’m talking about are mostly liberals and Democrats who are watching with horror as the election they happily thought Hillary Clinton had put away in August has become a squeaker in September. Their attitude is that any word uttered about the election that doesn’t serve as an open denunciation of Trump is an implicit endorsement of Trump.

  • GrimmCreeper

    They still haven’t figured out that when you call everyone a Hitler and everyone a racist no one is a Hitler and no one is a racist. Trump’s been the first Republican to figure out how to engage these people who use a playbook as old as Knute Rockne’s.

    • It just shows the childishness of the left. They don’t vote with logic; they vote with their stunted baby emotions.

      Trump may not be the best candidate but he is certainly not Hitler and never once did he laugh about getting a child rapist off the hook.

  • mauser 98
  • Hard Little Machine

    On CNN today re Charlotte they didn’t discuss what was happening in Charlotte only how much they hated what they claimed was no clear Trump policy toward the police.

  • Linda1000

    Typical Cdn. voter in the picture for this post. Unfortunately, in Canada they won the last election so what does that tell you about this country.

  • The Butterfly

    If Donald Trump is Adolf Hitler, would you expect the flow of illegal immigrants crossing the Mexican border to be moving in the other direction? Just sayin’.