Russian Police Investigate Religiously Insensitive Dance at a Mosque

State investigators in Tatarstan have opened a preliminary criminal case against the singer Rezeda Ganiullina, who yesterday released a music video where she dances in a translucent dress, riding a camel, outside the White Mosque in Bolgar, a city about 200 kilometers south of Kazan.

  • bob e

    she does not appear to have a death wish. but it might be shirk
    if she’s the seventh daughter of the 7th son ..

  • Reader
  • Brett_McS

    Can we swap her for Shakira?

  • Norman_In_New_York

    I thought her performance was part of the Tatar culture. She is hot.

  • A Hamilton Guy

    I would have appreciated a translation. Beautiful lady, great music. The muzzies will be out looking for little boys to deflower.

  • Editor

    Tatarstan is 55% muslim. She’s boned.

  • DMB

    The Sexual Roots Of Muslim Prayer

  • Why are the police investigating anything to do with religion?