Pushing Kids Into Transgenderism Is Medical Malpractice

It is sadistic to use the public school system, which holds a captive audience, to engage in a social gender identity experiment with the nation’s young people.

Socially indoctrinating young children toward accepting transgenderism is rampant today in public schools. In Washington state, public schools will begin teaching gender expression to kindergarteners in fall 2017, under newly approved health education learning standards. The gay advocacy network GLSEN received a grant from the federal Centers for Disease Control in 2011 for $1.425 million over five years to promote the LGBT agenda in public schools at taxpayers’ expense.

Closer to home… If you want to call sex-ed protesters names, try this: Parents

They don’t look like bigots to me.

Or unevolved.

But apparently these people, according to Ontario’s top political leaders, are heading down a path of intolerance by merely sticking up for their kids.