Population engineering ideology rears its ugly head

There has recently been a resurrection of academics in favour of population engineering for the purpose of climate change and emissions reduction

  • Ron MacDonald

    Sterilize all Muslims, they have too many kids and mostly live in filth.

  • The simple fact is the every prediction the progressives have made has failed to materialize. Not a single success. Hell, random guesswork would yield 50%. That indicates something is very wrong with their reasoning skills but who will report it?

  • mauser 98
    • G

      “I had an abortion”

      Good for you skank. Too bad you’re mom didn’t.

      • mauser 98

        “Gloria Steinem’s greatest achievement was getting ugly womens pictures on magazine covers” : Howard Stern

    • Clausewitz

      The irony of this picture is surely lost on the Left.

    • How is childbirth forced?

    • V10_Rob

      Well that’s good news then. The West is typically trending at or below replacement rates when it comes to procreation, so we’re already tackling the leading cause of climate change, so that means it’s nowhere near as big a crisis as we are being told.

  • Minicapt

    I need to see more pro-active action by the population engineers, such as leadership by suicide.


    • Alain

      Indeed, let them lead by example.

  • G

    I haven’t got a problem with limiting population. ….BUT…….

    Why don’t we begin with countries where the number of babies being born exceeds the local death rate. In western nations the pre-existing population is already in decline so there is no need to engage in population control. China has engaged in it’s own population control.

    That leaves Southeast Asia, India, the ‘stans, the Middle East & Africa.

    So…. go ahead. Limit the population….NOW!

  • China is the filthiest country on the planet and has been forcing a one-child policy on its people for decades.

    The population argument is invalid.

  • xavier

    The war against the weak. ’cause we’ll never see the CNNGOOGLEFACEBOOKTWITTER compounds in Seattle, San Francisco, Boston or London practice that. Nope it’s all those icky little brown people that embrace their sexuality exuberantly and take God’s commandment to be fruitful and multiply. That commandment isn’t just for viruses, rabbits and flowers

  • P_F

    Brilliant idea as long as it’s practiced on uncivilized, uncultured, useless, parasitic third world population.

  • Hard Little Machine

    All we have to do is turn our backs on the entire Muslim world, throw the keys over our shoulder and walk away. There would be 500 million fewer people on earth in 6 months.

  • K1

    Too bad they link population control with (hot-button) Climate Change
    5% MAN MADE
    does that 5% mean we fry if we don’t do something?
    I agree with population control for the developing nations
    1) as they are birthing themselves out of resources
    2) leads to violence as they move into someone else’s territory for food etc
    3) overpopulation props up dictators as the people are too busy scrounging for food and fighting amongst themselves = lots of child soldiers gathered this way
    4) overpopulation from rape by warring hordes who genocide one tribe by implanting the seed of the conqueror etc
    I suggest an increase for populations that are becoming extinct …
    it’s called bio-diversity