Nope. No mental illness here…

Shoulders wider than the old DDR swim team.

Looks like a throwback to the old DDR Olympics team.

Champion England fell-runner tried to murder an ex-rugby player athletics boss with kitchen knives after it was revealed she was born a MAN and may lose her titles for racing against women

  • stubb

    That’s a man, baby!

  • Editor

    If Caster Semenya can run the Olympic 800m, anything goes.

    • Frances

      Caster may truly be one of those unfortunates whose bodies give out mixed signals. As opposed to this person, whose change to “trans-gender” status allowed him significant advantages in sport.

  • BStrang

    They Call Me Mr. Knibbs.
    Yeah, I got nuthin’…I’ll see myself out, thank you.

  • Justin St.Denis

    That’s a dude, darlings.

  • Solo712

    Nothing new in women’s 800 metres. The world record holder in that distance is someone named Jarmila Kratochvilova:

  • DMB