Kelly McParland: Liberal spending practices make Mike Duffy look like an amateur

Poor Mike Duffy must be kicking himself.

The former Conservative senator endured a national shaming when it was discovered he’d been expensing meals in his home in Ottawa while claiming his “real” home was in Prince Edward Island. Though a court ultimately decided his actions weren’t criminal, the episode had to hurt. And all over a measly $90,000. Now he discovers that if only he’d signed on with the Liberals instead of the Tories, he could have sold the shack in P.E.I., pocketed the cash and charged taxpayers a couple hundred thousand to move his stuff to Ottawa.

  • Alain

    There never would have been a “Mike Duffy story” if the Liberal PR establishment, the MSM, had not created one and made it front page news for months. Of course there could be no criminal charge against him, since had not broken any law. Furthermore, contrary to the Liberal thieves, he repaid the money. However again that had to be distorted and twisted into some kind of criminal act by one of Duffy’s friends. Sadly Harper threw the fellow under the bus likely thinking the MSM would cease their lying and propaganda. What a fool he was, since it didn’t change a thing except for a good man who helped out a friend. In my lifetime I have yet to hear of a Liberal repaying any money stolen or gained through dishonesty, but their PR establishment won’t ever mention it.

  • Clausewitz

    The Liberal Senator Marc Harb made Duffy look like an amateur, but since Harb’s a Liberal, you never heard boo about his theft. In the end since Duffy walked the authorities never pressed charges against Harb.

    • mauser 98

      yeah..that dissapeared

  • Me Here

    Why is this article first in Chrome Browser and Second in Firefox Browser

  • Can there not be a referendum to withhold pensions from these thieves?

    • DavidinNorthBurnaby

      Justinian won’t have a referendum on changing the voting system never mind throwing Lieberal thieves into prison.

      • Oh, I didn’t say that he would do it.

        It’s clear that by voting the b@$#@rds in, we’ve encouraged them.

        The time to riot is nigh.

  • Gary

    Chretien and Martin got caught in a $300,000,000.00 AdScam theft and then boasted to Justice Gomery during the inquiry that they are too stupid to be expected to know what went on during the reign or to be trusts with large sums of money .

    Only liberals would boast about being stupid.

    Look at Hillary that is now boasting that the FBI’s James Comey found her innocent based on stupidity to show no Intent to break the Laws .

  • JaedoDrax

    Per the Butts PR post on facebook:

    In the case of the Telford/Silver household, our expenses were:
    Moving logistics: $10,735.50
    Real Estate Commission, fees and employer taxes: $44,149.40
    Personalized cash payout and incidentals: $23,373.71
    Administration fees: $1577.94
    Travel: $546.00

    In the case of the Butts household, our expenses were:
    Moving logistics: $14,636.39
    Real Estate Commission, fees and employer taxes: $47,103.56
    Personalized cash payout and incidentals: $20,799.10
    Land transfer tax, legal fees and insurance: $25,141.31
    Temporary rental lodging (apartment) : $18,247.60
    Administration fees: $468.60
    Travel: $273.00

  • RonG

    They were never really upset about Duffy spending more than he should have. They were upset about the money being paid back. It set a bad precident.