Homeland Security Advisory Council: Covering for the Enemy Threat Doctrine


America is at war and we continue to be prevented from identifying and understanding our enemies as a result of influence operations targeting our bureaucratized counterterrorism apparatus.

The latest evidence of this long-standing and, unfortunately, very effective influence campaign comes from the revelation that the “Countering Violent Extremism Subcommittee” of the Homeland Security Advisory Council to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security has issued a recommendation that urges rejecting use of Islamic terms such as “jihad” and “shariah” in communications about the threats that we face.

If Obama were a Muslim… what would he do differently?

  • Gary

    Wait, so millions of whites can now parachute into Black nations and take over to turn their hell-holes in dozens of USA’s of old.
    Oh , I forgot…..the plan is for the blacks and muslims to turn wealthy White nations into hell-holes and lower the Mean IQ from 100 to 85 so every white Nation ends up like Detroit .

    • “If Obama were a Muslim… what would he do differently?”


      He is obviously a Muslim and doing exactly what a good Muslim is supposed to do – helping the spread of Islam. That is why he has gone out of his way to bring in hundreds of thousands of Muslims into this country.

      The long term effect will be jihad in the American streets.

      Thank a democrat for the coming bloodshed.

  • simus1

    Emperor Barry is the purported son of a muslim Kenyan citizen.
    Therefore he is a muslim in the eyes of muslims.
    A DNA comparison between him and his alleged Kenyan relatives should reveal all.

  • Clink9

    Why did Americans vote this guy in twice after muslims attacked them on on September 11?

    • Norman_In_New_York

      The first election came in the wake of the economic crash, a time when voters change parties. In the second election, Romney rolled over and played dead.

    • Slickfoot The Deplorable

      I’m not convinced that we did elect him… 2014 elections some precincts had more than 100% participation and not one vote for Romney.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    His father was a Muslim, his step-father was a Muslim and he received his primary education in a madrasa. That makes him either a Muslim or an apostate worthy of death according to sharia. Despite denials all around, he sure acts like a stooge for the Muslim Brotherhood. Only 120 days and he’s outta here.