Hill’s hacks will be our rulers

Derek Hunter pretty much gets it right at Townhall:

Presidential elections are Oscar season for journalists. The rush to get a scoop or a first interview with someone of note can lead to TV appearances, awards, book deals or jobs in the incoming administration. Journalism has gone from a career to a stepping-stone.

Maybe that’s why so many are spending less time reporting and more time campaigning for Hillary Clinton. She is, after all, going to need a press secretary and speechwriters. People who hold those jobs, especially for Democrats, get sweet jobs in the private sector when they leave. It’s pretty easy to not give a damn that Social Security is going broke if you’ve got seven figures in stock options and salary waiting for you in Silicon Valley.

Can’t blame journalists, really. They poll just below Zika in popularity, and media outlets are shrinking not just in influence but in staff. For many, a position in a Clinton administration is their last hope before being forced to try to find a real job in President Obama’s awful economy they’ve been spinning as a smashing success. The prospect must scare the hell out of them.More.

Reality check: Of course. And you can guess what will happen to traditional American ideas like the First Amendment. These people don’t need or want protection while covering the news. The public doesn’t need news anyway, in their view. Just more reasons to adore Her Ladyship.

See also: New York Times: All the news that’s fit to correct Paper forced to issue two separate corrections of fact inf story trashing politician’s factual missteps. (Because they do not even need to be careful any more. And they won’t be.)