Disney pulls ‘brownface’ Moana costume

Disney has withdrawn a children’s costume promoting its forthcoming film Moana, after accusations of cultural appropriation.

The costume, a full-body suit with brown skin, traditional tattoos, grass skirt and bone necklace, represents the character Maui, considered a demi-god and ancestor by many Polynesians.

Activists said it was “brownface”, or mocking of the culture by creating stereotypes.

  • vimy

    I wouldn’t call it cultural appropriation.I would call it cultural appreciation. But hey if you don’t want your culture emulated by children around the world by being a small part of it and maybe respecting it more because of the experience, that’s your loss not ours.

  • Oracle9

    Better I suppose that Polynesian tribal history disappear from human memory altogether.

  • Alain

    Let’s assume we go along with the idea that cultural appropriation is evil and must be stamped out, in which case I want to see every non western person give up our cloths, technology and inventions. When that happens I shall be willing to go along with their claim.

  • canminuteman

    I am beyond caring what SJWs think.

  • Del Evans

    Disney cartoons will be stick figures soon

  • Frances

    Given that Moana is considered a “demi-god”, a respect for their beliefs would mean this particular costume is not produced. Nothing to do with “cultural appropriation”, lots to do with basic respect. Surely Disney could have produced a different costumes for kids to wear.

  • Clausewitz

    And if they get their way, in six month’s they’ll be complaining that Disney only produces white movies. You just can’t win.

  • I think this is rather silly, actually.

    Anything Chinese-made for a buck.