Canadian firm helping Bahrain censor

From Raphael Satter at Associated Press:

Researchers have identified a Canadian company at the centre of a small Arab nation’s online censorship system — a finding that sits awkwardly with Ottawa officials’ public support for digital freedoms.

Specialists from internet watchdog Citizen Lab said in a report published Wednesday that web filtering firm Netsweeper Inc. is helping block news and opposition websites in Bahrain, a Gulf Arab monarchy which has been wracked by unrest since pro-democracy protests were stifled there in 2011.

Citizen Lab Director Ron Deibert said the discovery undermines Canadian leaders’ forceful condemnations of online censorship.

Citizen Lab said the banned Bahraini sites include ones run by opposition and human rights groups as well as sites critical of Islam. Gambling and pornography sites also were blocked. More.

Reality check: One shouldn’t insult serious readers by pointing out that Trudeaupian government has no genuine interest in free media and that the dying traditional media would be happy to step into the role of censors “for the public good.”

The problem is that the techniques can’t really be tested here; they need to be tested in some middle Eastern setting where censorship is already taken for granted. Once the techniques are refined, we will slowly start hearing more and more about how they are urgently needed in order to prevent Canada from becoming another Rwanda …

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The good news is, these people my well be too stupid to make it work.

  • Not an export to be proud of.

  • favill

    Reading the histories of Islam’s conquests of Middle East–you read about Westerners (mercenaries) who would build huge cannons (the most advanced weapon on the battlefield at the time) for the Sultans in order to take over well-fortified Christian cities. Note that the technological and technical knowledge did not exist in the Muslim world to do this. Between this story and what was formerly Christendom’s importation of Muslims en masse merely reinforces my belief that Westerners are too stupid to survive–akin to the antelope that literally jumps into the jaws of the waiting lion.

  • Linda1000

    Cdn. officials expect Cdn. companies to operate according to Cdn. values in a Sharia law country or island (Barhrain) controlled and owned by Saudi Arabia? B.S., and I would bet that a Saudi national Sheikh has the controlling interest and control of the business licence sponsorship of Netsweeper Inc. You don’t just get to walk into any of the Gulf states and set up shop, sponsorship is required whether it’s Royal family (gov’t) sponsorship for multi-nationals or private for smaller firms.

  • A Hamilton Guy

    You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time. Eventually, the shit will hit the fan!