Campuses now offer students colouring books

From The College Fix:

In the age of safe spaces and trigger warnings comes another new trend to the college repertoire: coloring books. This fall, campuses nationwide are offering coloring books to students to help them de-stress. More.

Reality check: these people will be our rulers soon if no one sends them back to their playpens.

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  • Editor

    I had the displeasure of sitting through an “art therapy” lecture years ago and see the begining of the fee-fees trump reality movement. What do you expect from the “words make me feel unsafe” and tweets I disagree with are “cyber-violence” crowd.

    • One day this will be referred to as the age of crayola feelings.

      • Editor

        You’re being generous. If this nonsense continues, I fear it’ll be know as the fall of Western Culture.

      • You’re making me feel Royal Blue with your generalisations.

    • One day this will be referred to as the age of crayola feelings.

    • I don’t mind of people using art to unwind.

      But this isn’t art and this isn’t unwinding.

      It’s regression.

      • Editor

        I agree, context matters but in this context, the whole safe space idea, whether with or without coloring books, is hardly preparing these students for their future lives or careers and does nothing to develop their social skills.

        • It was never about preparing them. It was about stretching out the temper tantrum.

          Adults can challenge a government. Stupid babies can’t.

          • Editor

            That’s an even more Machiavellian view of university than mine. But I have to agree. People who get triggered by hats, or words, or words on hats are probably not inclined to storm the barricades.

          • Bingo.

            Once these sad little babies are forced to grow up, what are the odds that they will go full Cultural Revolution on people? They might be too busy holding down a job.

  • Reader

    Some advice to these fragile snowflakes

    • motheroftheBeave

      Thanks. Very sweet.

  • Surele Surele

    not to mention the ‘what colour is your parachute’ craze years ago. was subjected to it at work as a mandatory course/sit in. Me and my body could not stop laughing through almost the whole thing, while the rest of the department took all this severely seriously.

  • I assumed those were for children.

  • Raymond Cameron

    Some of them will be opening a book for the first time in their life; they could be triggered if the drawings are conservative or deplorable…

  • A Hamilton Guy

    That’s what you do with a three year old! Give them a colouring book.