Taxpayers on hook for $1.1M to move Liberal aides; top 10 expensed more than $50,000 each


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and a few members of his cabinet approved payment of outsized moving expenses for their top political aides, according to documents tabled this week in the House of Commons.

  • Millie_Woods

    Who does Mike Duffy see about getting his reputation back?

    • Maybe Justin will make him a Liberal senator.

      • BillyHW

        That would be like a baptism.

    • Alain

      True and don’t forget the hysteria over one orange juice.

      • Will Quest

        ” Canada ……. they’re Baaaaack ”
        ♪ ♫ Sunny ways! ♫ ♪

  • WalterBannon

    Liberal crooks

    I hope Trudeau goes snowboarding out-of-bounds this winter and joins his brother under his tomb of snow.

  • Chris

    I brought this up to a co-worker today and all he said was ‘so what? Mulroney was worse.” That is what we are up against. I wont even mention his opinion of Trump.

    • Alain

      Of course had this same person been forced to produce proof of just how Mulroney was worse, he could not. That is why I have neither patience nor tolerance for such dishonest idiots.

      • Chris

        That is usually the point where I just change the subject because I know all the actual facts in the world could line up and slap him across the face one at a time and it will do absolutely nothing to change his mind.

    • BillyHW

      Liberal voters, being mostly women, don’t understand numbers. A million is a billion is a trillion to them. They can’t tell the difference. If a $90,000 scandal receives 10 times the coverage of a $100,000 scandal, they will think the former was 10 times worse.

      Women vote with their vaginas. Justine Trudeau is PM because women wanted to sleep with him.

  • Ron MacDonald

    I was transferred across country by the military several times. Federal employees are reimbursed full commission payable on the sale of their primary residence, all legal fees as well as any PST, GST or HST due. They also receive a incidental relocation expense allowance and a kilometric rate. The $1.1M isn’t unreasonable. Figure it out for yourself based on a $750,000 or $350,000 home. Then add kilometers traveled and 30 days living in a motel for a family of four.

    • Alain

      That does not apply to federal public servants who move to a different location. The government does pay their moving expenses if their job required they move, but if they were transferred at their own request all moving cost is on them. I fail to see how Liberal aids or aids of any party should be treated the same as the military.

      • Clausewitz

        Beside Liberal Aids work for the Liberal Party of Canada, technically not the Government. Let Junior pick up the tab.

  • Gary

    The Liberals are back and really hungry to gorge at the trough in fear of a 4 year term now that the public sees the scam by Justin and the LPC .
    Lil Justy has been 17 for 27 years and his wife has 4 children and no father figure for the children. His daughters will think that marrying a Peter Pan dope smoker that supports Sharia’s child-bride pedophilia and flogging women as a good catch .
    His son will see women as baby machines to stay at home as he works.

    • Exactly!

    • Yo Mama

      And now he has Gerald Butts hand up his a** controlling his mouth!

  • Entitled to their entitlements.

    Until people confront these liars and thieves, this will continue.

    • Alain

      The MSM clearly will not confront them; in fact they will ignore and even cover for them.

  • Yo Mama

    I wonder how much it cost to move Katie Telford from Swansea, and Gerald Butts from High Park so they would have an easy commute to work in the PMO?

    Plus Butts the environmentalist sold his home to some sucker who had to bring in somebody to replace all the lead pipes! I wonder if he declared that to the buyer during the sale of the house?

  • LauraS

    I wonder if the moving companies are run by family/friends of prominent Liberals?

    • mobuyus

      Oh but of course.