Muslim migrant boat captain who ‘threw six Christians to their deaths from his vessel because of their religion’ goes on trial for murder

A boat captain from Cameroon murdered six passengers crossing from Morocco to Spain because they were Christian, prosecutors claim.

The Muslim man, identified in court documents as Alain N. B, blamed the Christians for rough seas, 29 survivors testified.

He forced six men off the boat, sending them to certain death, it is claimed.

  • xavier

    Riiight. It couldn’t be the wind or the time of year. if I remember rightbhe Mediterreanean gets rougher during the winter hence none of the fisherman would venture out and the cargo ships in the old days of sail rarely sailed in December.

    In any case, hope he gets 40 years

    • BillyHW

      Anything less than execution alongside Pope Francis and Angela Merkel would be a crime against God and Man.